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The monumental Complex of the Cathedral of San Gimignano offers targeted educational visits to acquaint the students of schools of every type and level with its historical and artistic patrimony. Many of the objects held by this ancient institution, known only to scholars, are still not known to the general public. In addition to the Cathedral, the complex also includes the Museum of Sacred Art that holds an entire series of works of art created by Sienese and “foreign” artists of every epoch, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance to Mannerism. Paintings, frescoes, sculptures, goldsmith’s work, and textiles reflect the historical and political situation of the city and its international relations, as San Gimignano has always played a leading role in European culture. The project is aimed at students in order to get them involved in the cathedral’s history, from its origin until the XIX century. The intention is to closely examine the artistic values of the monuments, as well as the Christian inspiration, which determined the exegesis of the works of sacred art held in the Cathedral and the Museum, fruit of an iconography conceived by refined theologians in more than a millennium of history.


THE MIDDLE AGES: the pictorial cycles of the Collegiata, along with the works of art and sacred objects held in the Museum offer a far-reaching and well-developed itinerary which illustrates one of the most important epochs in the course of European history.

THE RENAISSANCE: visitors to the Cathedral of San Gimignano will admire a Renaissance jewel, the Chapel of Santa Fina where three famous Florentine artists worked: an architect, Giuliano da Maiano, a sculptor, Benedetto da Maiano and a painter, Domenico Ghirlandaio. From here unfolds an itinerary that will also analyse works of art from the Collegiata and the Museum of Sacred Art.

SANTA FINA: The itinerary starts out from the Chapel inside the Cathedral with the frescoes by Domenico Ghirlandaio depicting the Saint’s miracles, then continues in front of the house where the girl was born, and ends in the Museum of Sacred Art which holds various pieces that speak of the worship of Santa Fina in the city of San Gimignano. --------

The learning itineraries can be defined or reformulated with teachers in relation to their schools’ programmes, and are organised by art historians specialised in the respective sectors. For information and bookings:
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